Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New updates will come shortly (I hope)

Our computer that has been used for the Gynarchy happened to hit a concrete floor and never recovered.  The dead computer has been replaced but it will be a little time before I will be ready to update.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Though this addition to our blog will cover many aspects of the Gynarchy, it will begin with many pictures of it's Women.  As these women have not only educated themselves and driven themselves into supremacy, they have worked hard to build their bodies to the point that their strength is many times that of a typical little sissy.  Besides all of this, these women have not lost even a bit of their very true beauty.
The result of all of this powerful femininity has resulted in our pretty little sissies wishing to do anything to please these women and that is their complete feminization.
I also received a wonderful little story and picture from whyguys but have not been able to convert it to a file type that can be imported into the blog.  When time permits I guess I will have to just post the photo and type in the story, it will happen eventually

At look at just a few of these amazing women.

And with her little sissy, sometimes preparing the sissies mind for her future proper role.

There are, of course, sissies who love their lives of femininity but sometimes, especially early in the days of the Gynarchy, these sissies had to be forced to be proper sissies.  Still once the process was complete the vast majority of sissies found a contentment that had never been known in the patriarchy.  It is well accepted that the patriarchy forced sissies into behavior that was evil to women, while they themselves were suffering from things like breast and vagina envy and this suppression of true feeling brought about many evils including many a stupid war.  The Gynarchy has freed sissies in ways that had never been dreamed of earlier.

Now those extremely happy sissies

Finally we end this installment with a new novel about a future world where those parts that have males are considered contaminated by the Female populace.

Hopefully there will not be as long of a delay till the next posting.  It all depends on my time schedule and the availability of things that fit.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The thing about the enjoyment of feminization is that in it's earliest stages, it was mainly female enjoyment and an expression of her absolute power.  As time passes, the sissy herself comes to enjoy and love these changes also and with this her partner's attitude has changed from one of proving her power to one of loving the results.
We will highlight many scenes here that have to do with this transition.  Of course we will continue to explore other aspects of our gynarchy such as publications and powerful women.

Some wonderful feminization shots

Two things that commonly happen are women loving to show off their accomplishments in the feminization of their sissy and sissies themselves promoting feminization to other sissies.

Now we take a little look at a couple of families.  A lesbian mom and her sissy son and her future.  Then the old saying, "like father like son", still holds very true in the Gynarchy.

Just a little bit of what sissies do to please the women in their lives.

A few of the powerful women that love their sissies and are in turned worshiped.

A couple of current fashion views

Just a shot of a woman into forced feminization and a very pretty sissy

Early in the Gynarchy women were very into revenge for all the evils the patriarchy had put them and the whole planet through.  Unfeminized sissies were often brutalized and made spectactles of for the enjoyment of women.  As a grand finale to many of these events a professional castriz would often display her skill on chosen sissies.

A few more of our popular Gynarchial publications

I will end this installment with a very fitting poem for the 21st Century.

More to come soon, hope everyone is enjoying these posts.