Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The thing about the enjoyment of feminization is that in it's earliest stages, it was mainly female enjoyment and an expression of her absolute power.  As time passes, the sissy herself comes to enjoy and love these changes also and with this her partner's attitude has changed from one of proving her power to one of loving the results.
We will highlight many scenes here that have to do with this transition.  Of course we will continue to explore other aspects of our gynarchy such as publications and powerful women.

Some wonderful feminization shots

Two things that commonly happen are women loving to show off their accomplishments in the feminization of their sissy and sissies themselves promoting feminization to other sissies.

Now we take a little look at a couple of families.  A lesbian mom and her sissy son and her future.  Then the old saying, "like father like son", still holds very true in the Gynarchy.

Just a little bit of what sissies do to please the women in their lives.

A few of the powerful women that love their sissies and are in turned worshiped.

A couple of current fashion views

Just a shot of a woman into forced feminization and a very pretty sissy

Early in the Gynarchy women were very into revenge for all the evils the patriarchy had put them and the whole planet through.  Unfeminized sissies were often brutalized and made spectactles of for the enjoyment of women.  As a grand finale to many of these events a professional castriz would often display her skill on chosen sissies.

A few more of our popular Gynarchial publications

I will end this installment with a very fitting poem for the 21st Century.

More to come soon, hope everyone is enjoying these posts.


  1. Oh Victoria i am sure the posts have all Females swiftly seeing the benefits due to Them as the future unfolds. Sadly many of us of sub-sex status still feel sporadic wistful remorse (all of course hopeless) at our lost power and even false 'masculinity'... yet, one suspects somehow that rooting such ocassional male recidivism from society shall be a form of amusement for our Female Masters.

  2. The above represents a glorious future for wo-mankind (and their sissies). Loving your work and enlightened vision!
    Masculinity (in males at any rate!) is becoming obsolete in 21st century society and is holding us guys back in being able to express our innate femininity and being better people (rather than being merely a man - how limiting and stifling such an existence is!). Bring on the Gynarchy!

  3. The Gynarchy is Wonderful! As a Strong ande Independent Woman you have the Correct Vision for the Future. I hope that many women will begin the Feminization of ALL the males in their lives. What a Wonderful world it will be when men and boys are Completely Feminized and the Submissive partners to women and girls. The Future is Bright!

  4. whyguys
    After a generation or two of a world where all males are feminized, that lost masculinity that you speak about would be extinct or at least nearly extinct. The only role models for the sissy would be other feminized sissies. I think Patti and Russel see that.
    A woman would never strike a sissy, would open a door for her and would be there to carry her heavy packages and protect her.
    Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying what I call the transitional period. That is the time when women are consolidating their powers and doing the initial feminization of all males.

  5. Apologies, Victoria, if i often seem a skipping needle replaying on a vinyl record, but the 'transitional period' is where i have lived (and likely shall die) for ever since a child in the 1950's i had had strong premonition of the eventual reversal of sex-roles as were known through much of recorded history.

    As early as the 60's as a teen, i had written and sent in to those 'men's' magazines(Nugget, Penthouse letters,etc), exposè and sex tabloids/mags (National Insider, Tattler, Confidentialand the like, under assumed Female name prognostication of the inevitable ascendency of the Female over the male and his ultimate feminization as integral to the process -- in the beginning at least HIGHLY embarrassing and psychologically painful. (boy or GIRL... was the procuring of such publications difficult but satisfying.)

    So, having grown to maturity under the circumscription of that earlier age, that is where any writing i still do emphasizes. Besides as memory difficulties i live with increasingly present themselves in the form of DECREASED RECALL, DWINDLING EFFECTIVE VOCABULARY, and DIMINISHED CREATIVITY i rely on what imagery is most easy to dredge from this weakening brain.

    Besides a 'generation or two where all males are feminized' will not be seen by these tiring old eyes and mind...

    So, please pardon if i focus on the era that gave me 'fearful chuckles' on the plight of beleagured insecure males fighting the chaos they feel as they see their Female counterparts, whom they once held in check, rising to force upon our sex the same lowered and feminine status under which Woman progenitors of our now Female Masters once served.

    Truly no insult is made towards that more peaceful Future where, after Female Sapphic Supremacy being institutionalized, no struggle will be made by the sissy sex is of any option or consequence. Forgive me, if my meanderings somehow seemed to connote such...

  6. Hello Victoria Just started following Your Blog.
    We know each other from FDS Love it

  7. Hi. I love this site and wish the Gynarchy was fully in place now. i have gradually been letting go of any traces of my former masculinity and have come to understand and appreciate myself as a sissy. i do not want to go back, only forward to be the best sissy that i can be. i fully accept and appreciate the sexual authority and rightful supremacy of genetic women and want to be able to serve properly.