Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Since the Gynarchy has achieved her goals government intervention in the lives of sissies has become minimal.  We have a fully feminized sissy population and combined with genetic improvements producing nothing but feminine sissies along with women, of course, there is no longer need for things like the clinics and sissy schools of the past.  For that reason the vast majority of things being added to our blog will concern itself with the lives of the average woman and her sissy.
We will still add some things that happened during the period of forced feminization for those who enjoy this aspect of the formation of the Gynarchy, but primarily we will concentrate on supreme women and their pretty sissies.
For starters, we start with some sissy fashions, as the taste of sissies rules what the fashion industry produces.

A little showing the women and sissies together.  Sometimes the sissy might have been tricked to begin her feminization but by the time she is well on her way both she and the woman she is involved with both are more than overjoyed with the changes in the sissy's body, mind and their relationship.

The world really has not changed in that there are still things like major bridal shows.  Also there are starter kits to get a sissy going in the right direction.  Also a traditional piece of clothing that had long ago fell out of favor is now popular with sissies who wish to improve their image and never show a  bulge.

A major reason why sissies are so happy being as feminine as they have become is that it is exactly what the women of the Gynarchy want on their arm and in their bed.  Here are some very typical women.

We move now a bit back in time.  Some feminization products, a clinic or two and some women who have captured and are preparing an unfeminized sissy for her future.  And how about the concept of Wonder Woman and Lois Lane becoming lovers and enslaving superman.  Then we see how the Amazon Scouts raised funds and another new popular Barbie

A couple of improvement products for sissies and a school workbook for a young sissy.

We finish up this episode with a highly collectible book and one of the most famous works of art in the world.

More will be coming shortly.  Glad to see so many of you are now following this story blog


  1. This is a fantastic blog which shows a possible and brilliant future which is becoming closer to being reality with the stunning rise of women in recent years. Women are fast becoming the dominant gender whilst men are having to accept second place and are having to adapt to being more feminine in order to serve their female boss and their better educated, higher earning female partners. Women, now in charge, are increasingly using feminisation against men and boys as a means of control. The future is feminine for men.

  2. As Russell state so Brialliantly, this Blog is Fantastic! I only Hope that more Strong Women are reading it and implementing Feminization on the Men and Boys in their lives. It will be so Refreshing to see Youth Sports Teams...Girls Teams, having Pretty Feminine Boy Cheerleaders...this is the start...the young. Women Feminizing their Boyfriends and husbands will make it easier for mothers to Feminize their sons. Thank You Strong and Independent Women for Encouraging the Feminization of the Male!

  3. Hi Patti and Russell, the blogs two favorite fans
    In real life it seems that one thing leads to another and rather slowly. The girls who are dominating schools today and doing very well at things like sports, will someday be leaders. Some of them may want a more feminine and softer male than women before them but I think a large percentage will still go for the macho type. I mentioned that in a earlier reply when speaking about some of my friend. It might appear to be like a slow progression. This generation, 10% of women like fem guys, next generation it grows to 20% and so on. Simply, it might take a long time to get there if we ever get there.
    Women will gain political, business and societal power I believe way before the feminine male becomes the norm, except right here.

  4. Hey Victoria --- I made an image and a post inspired by your blog and world. You can see it here:

  5. Chirenon
    Real nice post and if you do not mind it will show up in the blog shortly.
    My opinion when it comes to sissy breasts is that they should be big enough to be definately feminine but not oversized.

  6. I made the image for you, so please feel free to re-use it.

    Regarding sissy breasts: I agree with you. It was just Joey's temporary longing when he looked at Steph's breasts in the mirror.

  7. The main problem is that women are still not very accustomed to strapon sex as this is the main way to feminization.

  8. bim
    I do disagree with you concerning the main way to feminization.
    Strapon sex may be a shock to the macho guy and for all guys may be an ingredient towards feminization but the main way is a societal change in just what a guy should be, in other words role reversal.
    The strapon is a role reversal thing but the main way is a society that expects and wants it's males to be feminine in every aspect of their life, not only in bed.
    Jobs, clothing, types of activities and hobbies, types of courses taken school, these are things that effect society more than what happens in the privacy of the bedroom.

  9. Glad to see some of my pics are used in your blog.
    I really like your work.
    May I quote my blog?

  10. Hi Gilzara
    Of course you may quote your blog?
    Though our gynarchies are different, all gynarchies work together.