Saturday, November 6, 2010


Much of what we are adding this time has to do with our sissies.  Often they might have had to  be forced or tricked into being feminized but the vast majority of times, once the changes to both their bodies and personalities began, they just wanted more.  The result is a world of pretty, feminine sissies who are both happy and comfortable in their femininity and the women who love them.
We also have a nice selection of photos of superior women.

To begin, here are some sissies who either resisted at first and came to love being as feminine as possible for the woman in her life or a few pretty sissies who really did not want to be feminized but have no choice in the matter.

Here are more pretty sissies, mostly those who have embraced their femininity either because it was perfect for them or because it made their mistress extremely happy.

Now, some the images of modern womanhood that sissies love and who love their sissies.

Here are a couple of publications that were designed to help women in their control, emasculizing and feminizing of their sissies.

Next another new product from Gendertech, a leader in feminization.  Also, a picture and comment from one of the Gynarchy's leading sissy gynacologist.

Overheard, one woman telling another woman a sissy joke while having an after work drink in a local business area.

Back when forcing sissies had to be done, we have a mom delivering her partially feminized son to a professional feminizer.  Once she has been delivered one of the first things will she undergo is intense subliminal suggestions which help make everything else much easier to accept.

During the period of time of forced feminization a required course for all female students was feminization where the student or a team of students were assigned a sissy to feminize during the school year.  Here we see a student who is showing her classmates her sissy in progress early in her feminization.

Finally, the police have caught an unfeminized sissy.  First they begin her feminization and then she will be turned over to the court system that will send her a specialized feminization institute.  At these institutes these once horrid unfeminized creatures and quickly turned into good members of society who might become something like a waitress or a striper.

More should be posted here in a few days and some additional posts will be done by my wife Melissa.  Hope you enjoy.


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