Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have located much more to add to the blog.
Often we have shown photos of the kind of posters that a typical young sissy might have in her room.  Often bought by her mother, sister or the sissy herself, these posters of strong women and beautiful sissy role models help the sissy take her proper role in the world.  It is kind of funny though that the average young woman might have similar or the same posters in her room for different reasons.  The strong woman might be a famous athelete that the young woman idolizes and the pretty sissy is her pinup picture.  It is understandable that today's women are often very stimulated visually by photos or seeing pretty sissies.
We will also view many pictures from different eras of the Gynarchy.

Some pictures from the bedroom of a young atheletic woman born into the Gynarchy knowing nothing except the world is populated by woman like herself and sissies.

A visit to some things from the days where there were actually (seems unbelievable to many) unfeminized sissies.  Perhaps a woman who has no sissy presently but is purchasing one to feminize and train into being her maid.  How a lesbian couple might incorporate their sissy maid into being a large part of their love making.  Also many views of just how women both proved their supremacy and feminized their sissies.

Beauty contests for sissies are very popular.  Woman love to see just how pretty and feminine a sissy can be and sissies pick up style and ideas from these leading sissies.  The contestants who rate high are later often become spoke sissies for clothing and cosmetic lines and become the wives of some of the world's most powerful women.  Back in the old days of the patriarchy, as it was failing, womanless beauty pagents had already become popular and one of the most important rules had always been that a bulge in the wrong place was instant disqualification.

Some views of sissy schools past and present and what they have helped create for womankind.

Now Melissa would say the most important parts in this blog are those scenes of personal relationships between women and their sissies.  Here we have some very loving ones, some that more into pure domination and others that fall somewhere in the area.

Some new publications aimed at dominant women and sissies

How about a sissy who helped feminize her own company and a laboratory created virus, the sissy virus, that only effects sissies and speeds up the feminization process.  And the newest tea on the market.

A couple of contrasting images.  Another sissy angel, these have become popular especially in some of the new religions.  Also a woman who has brought her sissy into a clinic to get a sissies ugly protrusions removed remarking about why the clinic women actually perserve and collect some of these things.

I think I will end this entry with the photos of two superior women, one of which is enjoying her day at the beach probably watching the sissies in their micro bikinis wiggling by.

More additions are right around the corner, showing more of a world where roles have been more than reversed but women remain women and sissies do all they can do to both inmitate and please these women.

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  1. I love this blog - I especially liked the stunned look on the boy's face in the cute picture on "The Frill of It!" as he sees his feminised self. We boys had better get used to our new lives in pretty dresses!