Thursday, November 11, 2010


Looking at this edition to our blog it seems apparent that most of the material that is being added seems to be of the person to person type.  Not governmental or organizational, but the happenings between the superior woman or women and their sissies or soon to be sissies.
To begin, we view some unfeminized or partially feminized sissies being brought along towards further feminization and their proper place in the world.  It should be obvious that by this time women were generally taller and stronger than their sissies.

To begin, we show one woman who has chosen a sissy to feminize into her maid and a bit of her progression.

A few other studies of feminization.  A couple of lesbian couples having fun emasculating new sissies, a sissy who actually tried to rebel, and a woman who has caught a sissy and is calling her lesbian lover to inform her that she has their future maid.

Where again did all this feminization lead us?  Wonderfully happy couples.
Starting this off is a picture produced for this blog by follower Chirenon

More happy women and their sissies.

We now re-visit some of those fabulous sissy schools or academies, including one that actually was busy way way back in 2008.

No edition of this blog can be made without at least a few photos of some of the future's tall, confident and strong women.

A shot of a sissy cheerleader with a temporary problem

We finish off this edition with another rare collectors book, a magazine and a drawing done by a youngster .

Much more to come very soon.  Keep enjoying our role reversed world.


  1. What a great blog, painting a very bright future for both men and women.

  2. Better and better You are getting Victoria. Yes, a wonderfully bright future You paint. However, must admit it still is most thrilling when Your narrations touch on early phases when Female Masters initiate the proper role re-orientation on males who require such re-enlightenment. At those times the look of awareness of inevitability of the male tearfully and fearfully accepting inferior status and feminization he once so falsely forced upon the Female is DELICIOUS.

    Furthermore depictions of DELIGHT and EXHILERATION Females exude as They realize Their destiny to rule TOGETHER over the male sub-sex is EXQUISITE. Love as the sense of the brokenness of lost male pride and ego, the humiliation and shame of being submissive and ultimately even the truth of the males' natural sexual inadequacy is illustrated in THE COMING GYNARCHY... especially as contrasted to the Ascendant Females' gathering self-esteem, victorious ecstasy in Their burgeoning dominance and the exercise of the Superiority and Supremacy that is inherent in Their being fully developed complete Female and Lesbian beings.

  3. Did feel one caption above was somewhat an unfinised work.

    When the father of 'DANIELLE' so shaken blurted in typical male disbelief, "Our son is a Lesbian", Danielle's Mother should have used such weakness and responded,

    "Well, Danielle won't be the ONLY male Lesbian in THIS family... come along MISSY... I've a few lovely FEMININE outfits upstairs that I've been planning for YOU to wear from NOW ON!"

    Also I believe Danielle's father's boss WAS A WOMAN!

    (And She is soon to fire him and replace him with Danielle's Mother -- with whom She gets along shall we say 'VERY CLOSELY' !!!)

  4. As you may have noted i like presenting an ocassional, presumptive and inadequate storyline to photos and illustrations at Yahoo Groups and Flickr. One of the most recent has a short reference to MS Victoria, our most Superior creator of this delightful blog.

    If any of you are Flickr members, hope you find it somewhat interesting, if not be gentle ... i am after all merely male.

  5. whyguys
    Tried to see the illustration you mentioned on flickr, but the photo is listed as private. Can you send it to me or is it available elsewhere?
    Also, as I go through captions and photos, I know there are some to your liking but do not know if there are many.
    Where your males are second class to lesbian women, in my world the males are often becoming the lesbian women.

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