Thursday, October 28, 2010


Victoria is away on a business trip but told me that if I wished to add to the blog that I may.  Our tastes are a bit different and yet similar in many ways.  I will not be posting any inventions for feminization or any physical punishment things.  If you enjoy seeing a woman beat up a sissy, then skip this episode girls.  In my opinion, a woman who needs abuse a sissy is just unsure of her own superiority.
What I like are those lucious scenes where even though the sissy may or may not need a little coaxing, both her and her female partner really are enjoying their woman to woman relationship. 
First a look at some beautiful sissies that still sometimes daydream about the old days.

How about just some loving couples, girl to girl or sissy girl, and a few sissies that are just thankful to their husband, mom or sister for getting started.  Once started these sissies just embraced femininity.

A new Tee shirt that explains it all:

Following our tradition of adding a couple of publications that fit the blog I found one for those sissies who are married to a woman who wants a 50's style housewife and a sissy weekly publication that is often found at the check out counter in places like supermarkets and drug stores.

When it comes to pretty fashions you will find shops catering to our sissy tastes everywhere and when you look in your newspaper in the morning there are more ads aimed at sissies.

I have this IPod and there are tons of programs available for it.  One program I can not seem to find though is advertised here, perhaps it will be available in the very very near future.

To more or less keep with tradition here, the following shows a truck from a sissy school that probably has some unwilling sissies locked up in the back and two happy graduates.

Finally this episode ends with a subliminal ad that helped encourage the two pretty sissies here to further feminize themselves and just the kind of woman that adores these sissies and is worshipped by them.

For those of you who enjoy the edgier posting of Victoria she will be back next week, but I do hope many of you enjoy this softer version of the Gynarchy.  If you look at the goal of the Gynarchy and how it turned out, the softer version of the strong woman and her loving sub sissy is really what everything that was harsh earlier had lead to.

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