Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We just came up with a  nice size bunch of pictures that fit into the different aspecs of our story.  It is difficult to put them all in some order to bear with a little jumping around and just enjoy  both the Gynarchy and some of the things that lead up to it.

Starting off, just some photos of women around 2010 wearing clothing that denotes their powerful positions in even that patriarchial society.  Kind of made it obvious just where women were swiftly heading.

Some people have asked about the fates of some of the masculinist rebels who were captured.  The average rebel was forcibly feminized, went through retraining and was eventually returned to society.  The major leaders were executed.  The lower level leadership was imprisioned and eventually feminized and retrain.  We do have some scenes of this last groups fate in prison camps.

More shots from the period of forced feminization.  As women expected most sissies had to be forced to give up their disgusting masculinity.  Many methods were used from subliminal messaging, hypnosis, physical punishing, trickery, government policy, new feminization machines and everything seamingly possible.

Some other things that helped with the feminization of sissies were the very powerful women who were dedicated to the new world order, television shows dedicated to female supremacy, posters for sissies and earth being helped by the intergalatic Gynarchy with admittance to the organization just needing further advancement in emasculation and feminization.  The Gynarchists of other worlds aided by giving advanced sissifation technology to the women of earth and using members of great size to help round up some sissy holdouts.

All of this lead to many changes in family and personal lives.  Many sissies became wonderfully happy with the changes and often were found by a strong woman who took her for a wife or maybe a maid.  Others landed up working at jobs like bar maids often hoping that one of the many women who came and fondeled them might just be Ms right.  Many became personal maid slaves serving a woman or a lesbian couple, some became slaves to abusive women and were the subjects of competition between women as to who could feminize her sissy better.

The world and science no longer needing the old symbol for male has invented a new one for sissy

With sissies all wearing things like panties and bras, some women took a shot at jockey shorts for a short period of time.  Quickly the garment became extinct as it had no appeal at all to women and was illegal for sissies.

For those women who find collecting real old fem dom and sissy books and publications, a couple of old books that recently sold at auction.

Another ancient cave drawing found, this time buried deep in the Gobi desert.  Considered by experts that in these times women were supreme.  They are searching for reasons why these early women somehow lost power and firmly believe when masculinists took over they attempted to destroy all evidence of Gynarchial societies.  Some think the world was much more advanced way back then than the world we know about from the earliest books.  It might somehow explain the science behind the pyramids or stonehedge or many other mysteries of ancient times.

With all sissies finally becoming feminized and the vast majority enjoying their place in society as the weaker partner, sissies do exert extreme power in certain areas of society, especially the fashion industry.  Here are a couple of examples from a Japaneese manufacturer.

I hope all enjoy this latest edition.  Like I stated earlier, we now a large new hoard of pictures which will slowly get into the blog.  Time restraints will put this off till at least early next week.
Finally, please keep the comments coming.  I do enjoy them and have answered many of them.


  1. Wow, you're on a roll, Victoria. Good work!

  2. This is a great vision for the future - a completely feminine world. Keep up the great work!