Saturday, October 23, 2010


Some pretty sissy brides and strong women are highlighted here this time.  We also take a look at some of the changes women brought about in that part of the world they renamed Araby.

First those beautiful sissies that just seem to drive women to great distraction.

Those second and third generation sissies dream and plan for their weddings probably from the time they hit puberty.  The beautiful gown, the flowers and that hunk of a woman who will make her a perfect little wife.

Young sissies still like to put posters of tall strong women on their bedroom walls.  Most mothers encourage this behavior considering it the sissies shrine to the ultimate power of women.

Besides posters, there are powerful women to be found everywhere.  In sports, in the military or just in the home, woman power is everywhere.  Just as the petitte beauty of a little sissy attracts the modern women, the sissy can not help herself but drop to her knees and worship the power beauty combination of these women.

Back in the early days when sissies were being forced into positons of maid, secretary or even slave, many methods were used.  The subliminal programing made all of this easier and eventually most sissies not only accepted their new positions but landed up enjoying it.

Life in the average family.  A sissy helping her husband lub her stapon before retiring, a sissy who just can not help herself playing with her breasts and a young sissy who knows she has chores to do while her sisters take part in physical activities which help build their bodies and competitive natures.  Then there is the sissy that really wants to fit in perfectly in a female household.

Immediately after the revolt of the masculinists was crushed, life in the Middle East was harsh for all sissies.  The Gynarchists completely understood that this brutal treatment was a necessary shock needed to bring that part of the world quickly into the fold.

Recently, many old publications that dealt with the subject of feminization have become popular collectibles.
They do not always fit the current world but just the idea that there were writers 80 or so years ago who understood the coming world has made these books classics.

A comic that has survived the changes in the world is Archie.  Even in the days of the patriarchy it was quite evident that women like Betty and Veronica dipicted in these comics were far superior to Archie or Reggie.
Here is a current Archie:

More to come soon.  Not sure exactly what but hope it will be enjoyable and please keep the comments coming.


  1. Victoria, you are doing anExcellent Job! I just Adore the Pictures of the Muscular and "Masculine" Women, and of course the pictures of the Sissies are Priceless. Gender Role Reversal is Happening, and with the help of wonderful Women as yourself, Girls and Women will take their Proper "Dominant" Place, and put men and boys in their Proper, Submissive and Feminine Place! Thanks so much for the Blog!

  2. Hello,
    On your blog everything is beautiful, the charming sissies, the sublime lesbians,
    The gynarchie shines and illuminates our heart. Regrettably the reality is more naughty.
    It is true it is still the horror of a male world. I wait in the daytime or all
    The powers will be in the hands of the women. I could put a skirt without
    The stupid laughter of the uncultivated, I would take hormones with the informed advices
    Of a lesbian doctor who will encourage me in my feminisation. Aujourd hui
    Many failures(chess) and refusals(discharges), a transexualité difficult to live, aesthetic resultats
    Not always make a success(succeed). Bravo for your dream, for this blog filled(performed) with miracles, this present
    In all and all, your fight for the feminisation is indeed on excellent nécéssaire and brilliant.
    In the galley(bad adventure) of disguise and transexuelles your supports of lesbian is fundamental.
    Your lesbian family opened you the doors of the tolerance of the beauty, we are far
    All and all to have this luck(chance). You are generous because you wish the feminisation of the man
    Give your energy for magnificent fight. I also dream about this lesbian feminisé world.

    Friendly and scincèrement SYLVAIN

  3. Bernard
    Parts of the world are really changing but societal change without catastrope is very slow. My guess you are from France? I do know that many women have entered politics in France, but really do not know much else. In the United States, women are currently over 60% of college graduates and over 50% of those getting doctors and masters degrees, and the numbers are rising. In the next 20 years, most important jobs will be going to women in this country simply because most of the qualified people will be women.
    At the same time more women are involved in sports and more are finding that relationships with many types of males are just not what they want or need.
    I think all of this will result in a female dominated society but unfortunately for most of us, we might only see it changing and not see just where it will go because societies change slowly.
    The reason I put a war into my story was to have this kind of trajedy as a means to speed up change. Without this kind of thing, our grandchildren may see a matriarchy someday, but not most of us.

  4. Hi Patti

    I am so glad you are enjoying the blog, though I like to refer to it as a story blog. My only wish would be for more women to feel the way I do but they are not ready yet. I have friends who are dynamos. Very successful in business, strong bodies but tend to have relationships with macho types and then are always complaining about the men in their lives. Some of these women eventually experiment with lesbian relationships but really I consider them hetro. The thing is, they would never consider a soft feminine male and I feel that is just what some of them want. They were raised in a society that told them, brainwashed them into thinking that macho guys were the thing. Changing all of this takes tons of time.