Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We keep running into photos and captions that fit into our world, some here for your enjoyment are some more.
The power and superiority of women in all aspects of life are shown here, plus the many sissies who love this way of life.  Also, we again go back in time and show some of the methods used to force feminization upon unfeminized sissies and the capture of some.

In the world of sports, even after women had gained power and were taller and stronger than sissies, the women, having just gained the superiority that they deemed normal in later years, felt they needed to prove their superiority in things like sports over sissies.  It was part of the humilation that was important in those earlier days.

Now a look at some of the early trickery used in feminization and several of the women and methods used when forced feminization of sissies was the ambition of every women on earth.

Some more professional feminizers and scenes of feminization of the forced kind.

Even before women took power, there were educational studies and magazine articles that in some ways foretold just how the future would be.

A late addition of a photo of one of the Woman soldiers who helped crush the patriarchial rebels while she was still serving womankind.  Once discharged from service women like her continued to serve womankind in many ways.  This woman used her physical talent to help convince sissies that becoming feminine was the only future for them.

A look at some of the gynarchy's superior women and what they may be doing or just thinking about.

Though it became a dead hobby, while there were still unfeminized sissies available and hiding, the hunting of them was very popular and sometimes lucrative because of government bounties.  Some women were known to take a sissy's testacles as a prize and even make jewelry from them.

Socialogists have differing ideas on how the relationships between women and sissies changed so quickly, basically  in one generation.  The common theory goes something like this.  The relationships between lesbians began to weaken because both women were extremely dominant and most relationships need a leader and follower.  At the same time we had the second generation sissies coming of age.  These sissies knew only that they needed to be feminine and submissive and it turned out that these sissies were often just what the dominant women wanted.  Once another generation of sissies were born with their genetic engineered nearly complete feminine bodies, small stature and sissy apendatures that generally measured less than 2 inches and only ejected sperm through anal stimulation, the change from slave or maid to wife of a powerful woman was insured.

A little more about our sissies. 
Sometimes even a submissive sissy will get cold feet at her wedding
Many companies have special medical plans for the sissies they employ.  Here we see a sissy nurse whose hospital will offer her breast augmentation.  As time passed, augmentation disappeared as first HRT was introduced to sissies before or at puberty and this produced wonderful, sensitive breasts and none of this was necessary for the third generation.  Our sissy here, having been feminized later in her life where hormones had too little effects on her breast will decide in favor of augmentation.
We also show a coming of age party for a sissy and the kind of romancenovels that are so very popular with our lovely feminine sissies.

Early in the Gynarchy, religious ceremonies of sissy submission were important and well attended.

Some more magazine covers of publications that deal in both Feminization and Female dominance.

Melissa and I will continue to add photos and captions of our Gynarchial world.
I would like to thank everyone who is following or posting comments here.


  1. Wonderful blog! Love the artwork! I have always believed in women in control of us sissies!

  2. Victoria,

    I love your vision for the world.