Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The story of the formation of our Gynarchy is really complete but as long as we find pictures that fit into any of the different time periods posted earlier, I will go ahead and post them.

First off, a new product that eliminates the need for SRS and its complications.

Some of the after effect of mammeform are quite humorous.

In the old days there was an expression that diamonds were a girl's best friend.  Well that has changed quite a bit.

Some new magazines and some of the discussions on TV.
Many magazines today are pin up type (or harder core) of pretty sissies, that young women buy with the hope of finding a sissy like the models for herself.  Others are glamour magazines made for sissies with pointers of how to be more attractive to women and advice on being extremely feminine.  The models in these magazines are the idols of sissies and basically are the goal they wish to reach.
TV helped make everything about role reversal and feminization absolutely normal.

Some of the scenes from earlier days.  A male volunteering at a college for feminization, and several scenes showing sissies being trained before the feminization process is began on them.

As always the relationship between two people is most important.  Currently, that mostly is woman and sissy.  Here is a few new views.

A couple of strong women whose posters can often be found on the walls of young sissies.

A few sissy's of the local Playgirl Club.  Women discovered early on in the feminization of the world, that the more feminine the average sissy gets, the more she wants to flaunt her femininity to women.  Where outfits like these were once considered humiliating to many women, sissies love them, and find them very complimentary to their cute figures.  The fact that their women customers sincerely compliment them on their looks, means  it has become anything but humiliating.

A shot of a policwoman before the feminization process was completed.  Police forces were reduced by over 85% once the entire sissy population was feminized.  Women like this officer landed up getting a large pension and then went into things like construction or the trades.

Even in our new world, people do like to read fiction books.  Here we have a novel about a sissy whose body rejected every known method of feminization.

A page out of a current science textbook

Even today, occassionly there is a pretty sissy who is still in need of reducing a certain part of her body to be attractive.

That is it for today.  We will continue to add to the blog and story as time passes.


  1. What a wonderful world wish I was part of it

  2. Sally, I checked out your blog and feel you have the start of something really good. Hope you expand it and use some pics to emphasize your world.

  3. I'm glad you liked the mammeform procedure pictures I made and also the Glamour Boy Magazines. I like your blog, keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Chirenon

    I like your blog, hope you do not mind my using some of your ideas, but they do fit real well.

  5. Victoria I just LOVE the Blog...just found it Today. You are doing a Wonderful Job! Female Power...I Love it!

  6. Patti, I think you have corresponded with my wife, who has supplied most of the photos here. She followed your blog but said it has disappeared. If you resurrect it or something similar, please let us know.

  7. Hi Victoria!

    Unfortunately, I received a while lot of "Problems" with some people with my Blog, that is why it no longer exists! I so much Applaud you and your Boywife for doing this Blog. If there is anythuing I could do to help you out, please let me know. Keep up the Superb Work..and let's Hopwe that we can get more Men and Boys into Dresses and skirts and give up ALL their "Macho" Activities!


  8. Hi Patti
    Melissa says she is glad you are enjoying the blog.
    I would accept any suggestions that you might make to avoid the problems you ran into and also any suggestions to improve our little story here.
    In the real world, women are definately on the march but without a senerio like ours (the revolt), the process of feminization will probably be extremely slow and individualized. The thing is nearly all of this will come down to what women want and the men will follow. Right now, most of the strong independent hetro women I know still want a big strong guy. They may want to control his life and be dominant in all the important decisions but they still want a big guy with muscles. Perhaps their daughters and grand daughters will want those muscles for themselves and their males sweet, small and feminine.

  9. I just love the Glamour Boy magazine covers! They made me giggle!