Friday, October 1, 2010


Once the elimination of all unfeminized sissies had been achieved, we have a completely lesbian world.  Sure many sissies have retained their penis, which of course is small and no longer can harden, and others have opted for a sissy vagina, but all sissies are now wonderfully fem.  To the Gynarchy it did not matter if the sissy was 100% or 99.8%, she was still a sub lesbian.
Throughout the world legislation was passed, a bill of rights for sissies.  No longer were sissies required to be owned and they were given the right to vote, just not the right to run for office which being sissies they would not have wanted anyway.  A sissy with good inteligence could now attend a university, no longer as a servant or test subject, but as a student.  For these students, Lesbian studies was a requirement and they could major in things like sissy gynocolgy nursing and teaching.  They would become the nurses that helped doctors with SRS (all sissies in this field must have their own SRS) or teachers who taught other sissies.
In everyday life, you now saw women opening doors and carrying heavy packages for sissies.  Women bringing flowers to their dates or wives.  Women basically treated sissies as soft gentle people that should be cherished.
In the science of genetics with the help of a more advanced society from another world, a sissy sperm was developed that begginning with the next generation would produce a sissy population of natural sissies.  The young sissy's body would produce nothing but female hormones, eliminating the need for drugs and the worry about a non sissy like adolesence.  The average sissy would be about 6 inches shorter than the average woman and her body would tend to not develope much muscle especially in her upper body.  At puberty she would develope nice pert pettite breasts, again without the help of any drugs, no hair problems and her voice would never change.
Vagina envy was still growing and more sissies opted for the operation than ever before but still there were women who wanted their sissy to retain her penis even in a lesbian marriage, so many sissies waited till they were found by the woman of their dreams and opted to do as she pleased.
All of this did bring about some changes in businesses.  The need for feminization clinics was shrinking extremely quickly and hundreds of thousands of them had closed worldwide.  Women who worked as pro feminizers or as a castrix had a reduced work load, but in a world without war and a booming economy they found other positions.
Sissies dominated certain fields.  The prima ballerinas naturally were all sissies.  The fashion industry catered to sissy tastes and in turn the highest paid models were all sissies.  Sissy actresses were beautifuly fem and many young women dreamed of finding someone like them as a mate.
Here is a little view of the new lesbian world.
(If I have repeated any photos my apology)

Here we see a couple of sissies, still having a penis, but wonderfully fem and waiting for their husbands.

An increasing number of sissies have chosen to complete their transformation.  Generally there is a loving woman, either a mother, husband or fiancee to help the sissy along. The modern methods of a SRS are much less evasive and the fear of major surgery and a long recouperation period are now ancient herstory.

Next time we will go a little further along with more and more sissies deciding to opt for full feminization and more and more women enjoying this.  (Had to cut this one a little short)


  1. I'll be a worthy volunteer for a woman who wants to feminize a male sissy

  2. Oh Goddess, let me still be alive and still be a pretty young sissy girl when this wonderful new world will come true !