Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Years ago, my beautiful wife found some captions on the web, showed them to me and we enjoyed the subject matter and humor in many of them.  They then became some of the inspiration for this blog and we done by one of our blog followers, whyguys.
Some of whyguys captions do fit, mainly into the formative years, in our Gynarchy and here is a sampling.
Unfortunatley, whyguys has not been making new blogs lately and explained I think that he had chosen the photos and his mistress had done the captions.  Kind of the opposite of this blog, where my wife has chosen photos and I have added many of the captions, but the results are the same.

Here a few captions from the time when sissies were being feminized by their strong dominant female masters, that show show of the different kinds of relationships that developed.

When women first began taking over all the old sissy jobs, some sissies had to learn early on what their roles were to be

Whyguys knew all about the new schools the Gynarchy would set up to feminize sissies and had great knowledge of just what kind of entertainment the superior sex wanted from their feminized sissies

Whyguys knew what would happen to those sissies who had once thought of themselves as atheletes once women took over and male sports died.

We go now to the same sport, baseball, but instead look at the proper attitude of a sissy who was born into the Gynarchy and is attending a game because she loves to root for the women but especially one player.

Whyguys also understood what the holidays would be about in the Gynarchy and what kind of toys will be delivered.  In an earlier post you met the new Ms Santa who delivered the proper toys to young women and sissies, here you meet her sissy mrs Claus.

When it came to toys, Whyguys did produce a proper commercial.

A little look at some of our second generation sissies who are very fem, very submissive and with few complaints enjoy doing their part in the Gynarchy.

Finally, we have a bit of science fiction as back before the women took their proper role and reduced sissies into theirs, there were stories by early space explorers of running into aliens who were from planets that appear to be very similar to our Gynarchial planet.

As you can see, whyguys knew much about the coming gynarchy.

Shortly, we will post again more additions to our world of the future, but in the meantime look around you.  See the female students outdoing the male ones in your local schools.  Go to the sports fields and see the imense number of girls and women playing competitive sports, read the papers and see how many women are running for office, look at the companies in your area and see how many are female run and owned, and understand that this fictional story may have a tremendous amount of future truth in it.


  1. whyguys here...

    Omigosh! Using me as an example is more likely a 'DERAIL' than a 'DETOUR'

    There is ONE note of clarification on these captions. Someone else on their site offered to place my copy to pictures from pictures I had chosen from their archive of blank captionless photos. DARN I wish I recalled who had done the photo wizardry combining these. THEY DESERVE THE CREDIT.

    Being the ultimate luddite and anti-tech, (such things should be left to Females anyway.) I NEVER learned how to place captions on photos, pictures, illustrations. However, I've always used blocks for comment to write little stories to blank photos that struck me could apply to Female Supremacy and Sex-Role Reversal.

    All the captions Victoria has presented are from about a decade or so ago. Strangely, I am seeing them for the first time since then, and am amazed that some are not so bad. Since that time I have had MORE than a tad of memory and VOCABULARY loss due to... gee i forget... what was i saying.

    That being another matter, let me just say, with what faculties i have left i note it would be damn near impossible for my current meanderings to match the material Victoria has saved from my earlier 'work' (no 'musings' should suffice as it is a less egotistical word).

    whyguys (please never confuse it with the oxymoron 'wise-guys')

    Again, thanks to Victoria and Her little missette for saving these peculiar ventures of mine.

  2. whyguys, however your captions were made, they are both an inspiration and most are quite humorous.