Saturday, October 9, 2010


As I keep finding photos and drawings that fit into the world of the Gynarchy, they will be added.
We have added a little more about the feminization process and the eventual feminine perfection it brought about in a generation.  More photos of female atheletes and just your average Gynarchial women, who love having superior bodies to go with their superior minds and attitudes. 

Back even before women gained control of the world, women's attitudes about masculinity and it's value to them and society had been going through many changes.  More women either were turning to lesbianism or picking a male who was submissive, feminine or a combination of both.

As time passed, the Gynarchy formed and we began to see many sissies become maids to women.  Sometimes these women had the sissy trained at one of the thousands of schools formed for this purpose, other women would choose an experienced family member, friend or even train the sissy herself.  Where early on, a sissy maid who was a humiliating characture of a female servant was popular, but as time passed, women's tastes changed and they wanted their sissy to be beautifully fem and not necessarily humiliated by it.  Many believe this change was an example of bottoming power.  Sissies became so very feminine that women were influenced by this, to make the sissy more feminine (as the sissy wished), and the humiliation was gone.

From feminine sissy maids, the society continued to change.  Sissy wives became very popular, older sissies helping younger ones in the areas of femininity, some sissies became very sarcastic and caddy about others who did not seem fem enough for them, and some family photos of sissy dads and sons.

Eventually, it became perfectly clear where all of this feminization took us, and perhaps for the first time in the herstory of womankind utopia was upon all of us.

And here is the real reason:

Some sissies do have plans.  For instance, it is very common in this day for a sissy secretary to hope to land some superior woman as a future husband

We have been mainly looking at the sissies of our Gynarchy, now we take a look at the Women.
Not only female atheletes today are building their superior bodies but so is the average woman.  Science has given them naturally tall and strong bodies.  They also have their lovely sissies who feel the tremendous need to be loved and protected by a strong powerful woman, so they also love having a strong body to go with their strong intellect and abilities.

One of the most popular items in Gynarchy culture has always been the strapon,  In fact we have a picture of the kryptonite tipped strapon that wonder women used on superman, that turned him into her sissy in the popular comic.  Also a photo of a poster that many sissies have purchased.

Finally, something from the early days of sissy slavery and another picture of a woman soldier.

I will continue adding photos and information and would like to thank all of those who have said they are enjoying this blog/story.  If you have any suggestions for improving this blog, please let me know.


  1. I really like these posts keep up the good work

  2. Hi Heather
    Your blog, Women on Top is just wonderful, I check it out about twice per week.