Saturday, October 2, 2010


In a completely feminine world populated by women and sissies, there is no war and even down to the basic family, there is nothing but peace.
The genetic improvements provided by science for sissies have eliminated any need for things like feminization drugs in the future.  There is no longer the problem of unsightly hair, or sissy muscles.
For those sissies who have chosen to retain their little sissy things, the penis today, when it comes to growth, is considered similar to the eyeball.  In other worlds, it barely grows at all after the time of birth.
Here are some views of this world.

Many women continue to build their body strength.  They love having this power and most sissies want to be held in the arms of a powerful, protective woman.  Interestingly enough, both young women and sissies like to post similar posters in their bedrooms.  The young women like pinup shots of sexy sissies and photos of famous female atheletes, while the sissy will like photos of the prettiest sissies, who they wish to emulate, and strong women, who they wish to find a woman similar too.

In the world of ballet, the ballerina has always been the dominate force.  Today is no different, except all ballerinas are sissies

Now a look at family relationships.  With third generation sissies, there is still the mother, sister, girlfriend or husband who are very important in the sissy being as feminine as possible, but more and more often it has become the sissy dad's responsibility to make sure her son is attractive to modern women and knows how to be properly fem.

Often, women still like to be entertained by their sissies and also have that sissy entertain her female friends.
The difference today, is that the sissy herself also enjoys this.

Now some typical family or relationship scenes.

A sissy born into the Gynarchy, comfortably loves working as a secretary.

More loving scenes of relationships in the wonderful lesbian world of the Gynarchy.

Not sure just when I will post a new entry here.  I have depleted my photos that fit the subject but eventually will have more.
Those of you who have been following the blog, I hope are enjoying it and can post a comment or three to encourage me to post more.


  1. Hi Victoria - thanks for commenting on my post and I'm returning the favour. I'm following your blog and find it fascinating.

  2. Victoria, I have been following this almost daily and really enjoying it. Please to continue when you can.

  3. I need to think about where I go from here. The Blog is kind of a short story to pictures and has reached the conclusion planned for it, but I can always re-visit some past subjects and perhaps come up with a few new twists. I will be adding some stuff soon.

  4. Definitely like the work you've been doing and I also hope you will continue!

  5. BTW, Victoria, I made a new Andredux / Mammeform post that further describes the process.

  6. Chirenon
    I already downloaded it and if it is not a problem will incorporate it into the blog eventually. I love your ideas on feminization. The masculization of women is something I will live without. My women are tall, strong, even muscular but I like them still looking like women. To each their own.

  7. Oh yes, I just discovered this blog and I hope it will continue!