Monday, October 25, 2010


Again we will go back to the formative years of the Gynarchy and of course, the current period. 
Earlier we showed sissies who volunteered and loved their feminization besides the many who were forced.  Those sissies who easily embraced femininity have been considered the role models for many a young sissy.  We start off this episode, way back when the patriarchy was still barely holding power, with the photos of several beauty contestants.  These sissies were finalists in a well attended Thai womanless beauty pageant way back in 2010.  As the world changed, beauties like these became wives of superior women and spokespersons for many of the feminization products we have previously shown.

Though beautiful sissies come today from everywhere in the world, very early on there was a traditional acceptance in certain societies towards sissies.  Thailand was one of these and herstorically speaking, it is also no wonder that Thailand was among the first nations in the world embracing total feminization.

As far as we know there have always been sissies from the earliest of times who wished they were more feminine.  The structure of the patriarchy made it near impossible for natural sissies to be themselves.  Ridicule and personal risk were major dangers for these sissies.  Also, the patriarchy had spent thousands of years brainwashing women.  They killed and persecuted independent thinking women early on world wide and more recently in certain backward lands.  This resulted in the majority of women also rejecting the feminine sissy and unnaturally forced most poor sissies to hide their natural femininity.  Those sissies who were found out by the women in their lives and found these women accepting and very helpful were very lucky sissies.  They also stood by the side of these women when they began to take their proper places as the dominant gender and also became role models.

Some more of the posters from the walls of an unmarried sissies bedroom.  Not only do sissies buy these for themselives, often their mothers and sisters purchase them as gifts that will keep the little sissy properly oriented.

Kids still like to watch cartoons and play video games even in the Gynarchy.  Here is a glimpse

Some additional scenes where women forced sissies to become much more feminine.  How a lesbian couple can incorporate their sissy into their lovemaking, what happens to most sissies once their feminization is accepted and several other things.

While the most common jobs for sissies are maid, secretary and shop sissy, many sissies also serve as models, teachers of sissy subjects, nursing assistants, and many other pink collar type jobs.  The one position possibly invented with a sissy in mind is personal assistant.  Often in families where there are no children or the children are of school age, the female husband if an executive will use her sissy wife as an assistant in everything in her life:  Secretary, maid, and wife.  Often even unmarried women will hire a sissy as both secretary and maid.  Should that woman be in a lesbian marriage, the sissy is forced to fit in.

Another transformation device and a couple of the sissies produced by this.  Also an example of a subliminal message used to speed up the feminization process.  Then another doctor and nurse both plainly enjoying their work feminizing sissies


A home feminization improvement device.

A couple of women you might see everyday.  The horse farmer and the girl next door. 

One of the symbols of female power is the strapon.  Early on it became a extremely important symbol of female power with women wearing them often in public and forcing sissies to kiss or suck on them.  As time passed and female supremacy was completely natural, women no longer had any need to do this, they knew who was in charge and so did their sissies.  Today, the strapon rarely leaves the confines of the bedrooms of loving couples.

Recently, some silly sissies thought they could actually play football with women.  The women patronized the sissies and played the game and actually everyone had a great time as it was just another reinforcement of female supremacy.

In the worlds of both art and collecting.  We have another old book that is a hot collector's item and a very old drawing found in a dig in Turkey providing further proof of ancient Amazon societies in the area.

For myself, the next two photos are most enjoyable.  The beautiful sissy wife preparing herself for a wonderful evening with her husband.  These are both either second or third generation sissies, fully loved by their female husband and extremely happy with their femininity.  Proof that the goal of the Gynarchy in feminizing all sissies, was perfect for all.

We will be posting more enjoyable and informative things about the Gynarchy shortly.  I keep looking for more and more things that fit the blog and should be able to continue for quite some time, perhaps till their actually is a Gynarchy somewhere.

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