Friday, October 15, 2010


In adding more photos and pictures to this blog, I find that it is necessary to always revisit past times, so I suggest that if you are new to our Gynarchy, it might be easier to keep things in context if you begin reading with the first post and move on to newer ones.

Though males had been completely rendered obsolete by women, sissies have become extremely important to modern women.  The beauty, submissiveness and sex appeal of sissies have made them the perfect wives for their powerful female lovers.  The fashion industry does everything it can to appeal to sissies and sissy actresses and models are pictured everywhere.  Here are a few scenes of our wonderful modern sissies.

Most women find bulges absolutely disgusting and their sissies have followed their lead by either using special methods to reduce the size of their little sissy stick or even better eliminate it altogether.  Vagina envy has been a quickly growing symptom in sissies and women have found sissy vaginas very tasty and appealing.
Here we have a couple of photos first of sissies who have shrunk their little thing or have eliminated it totally.

Another new product just for sissies, Andredux.  Available from sissy gynocologists everywhere.
Sissies seem to love the orgasims from this product either produced by their husband stimulating their breasts or by taking her sissy with her strapon.

Even today, the most fem of sissies will still own some maid outfits even though she is married.  The reason being that the proper fashion for a sissy wife who is to be hostess for her husband's friends is a pretty maid's outfit.  This is in no way humiliating to our sissy, it is what she wants to wear.

One complaint many modern women have today is that it often takes their sissy so long to get properly dressed that they grow impatient.

A government commercial designed to encourage more and more sissies to opt for ultimate femininity to please their husbands.

In the early days, most women not only wanted to feminize their sissies but perhaps because their power was new or because they had first hand knowledge of how horrible the patriarchy was, they had great pleasure in humiliating them.  Often they did this in groups, had their sissy entertain their friends or keep the sissy as a nude slave in public.

A little bit more about feminization, including another TV discussion on the subject.

A couple more of our Gynarchial publication for your enjoyment.

Finally in Asia, Gynarchial Buddishm has not only come of age but has hundreds of millions of loyal followers.

Just want to add one more photo.  Though the caption is in Spanish and it takes place in a time before women took complete control it is very telling.  Here we have a young girl who celebrates mother's day by giving her father and not her mother a new iron.  Guess who will be in charge in her home when she grows up?

Will continue to add here and I do want to thank everyone who has posted comments here (on and off topic), because it is nice to know that people are looking at the blog and enjoying it.


  1. I Love the whole perspective that the post comprises. I do believe though, that as Feminized MALES...they should still possess their little penises..afterall, it is ONLY the Superior Women that have vaginas. Keeping men and boys Weak, Feminine and Docile AND under Female authority is Best for the Society! Just my thoughts!

  2. Patti
    I think most readers of this blog will agree with you, but you know my family situation is different.