Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Very early in the Gynarchy, it became clear that natural love between people is lesbian love.  More and more women, especially the younger women want a sissy as their submissive lesbian wife or partner.  Some still having a near microscopic little stick but many with a newly formed sissy vagina (in the front).  These young women also have claimed that there is nothing in the world that tastes better and some say it is so good it is addictive.  On the other hand there are still women who want to punish all sissies because of what an earlier gender had done and do point out that there still remain some unfeminized sissies in the world.
Here we will mostly explore those personal relationships that have come about in our new society.

Sissy maid schools continue to turn out ladies maids, but graduates have become more feminine than ever.

Some relationships still have a lot of sissy humiliation here are a few examples:

Then we have those relationships where the partners are really sharing lesbian love.

Some of the things in a second generation's sissy life.  Posters of muscular women atheletes to worship, and then there are the pictures of sissy models who have reached untimate femininity, that these sissies look at and try to copy.
These same kind of sissies love being able to support women's sports by being their cheerleaders.

The government is still sending out strong messages to all sissies that they should be as feminine as possible.  Some subliminal and others just showing a strong woman telling sissies to support the Gynarchy.

Unfortunately the world still has some unfeminized sissies.  Most of these sissies have been forced into hiding and there are women who enjoy hunting, torturing and then castrating these sissies before turning them over to a government feminization clinic for a large bounty.

A couple of new things from the world of business.  Great feminizing creams and a new feminization device.

We have seen the pictures on the walls of the bedrooms of young sissies, beautiful models to aspire to and female atheletes to worship, but you may wonder what a young woman born into the Gynarchy and having an interest in cute sissies might have on her wall.

At the office we look at how one executive likes to walk around among her sissy secretaries and then a shot of the family photo on her desk.

An extremely popular magazine's issue that highlights sissy cheerleaders of the Women's National Football League is shown here.

For our wonderful feminine sissies, with the help of their family, we say REJOICE!

Next we begin to explore the actual world that the Gynarcists had planned all along.  The Lesbian Race, made of two genders, Woman and sissy.


  1. Wow this is great thanks for creating :)

    janey ( james)

  2. (off topic)

    WHOA... DOO WOP... YES !!!

    'Taint any better... Rosie and the Originals, Cleftones, Penguins, Dion w/ or w/out the Belmonts, Lee Andrews, Dells, Ruby and the Romantics, The Mello-Kings, Del-Vikings.... ah... makes me want to sing falsetto... heck, we'll probably have to anyway...

    WHOA... DOO WOP... YES !!!

  3. Why Guys

    Do you know what happened to the original Belmonts after having some success without Dion?
    Even though they were from the Bronx, they became the Brooklyn Bridge, backing up Johnny Maestro, who originally was the lead of the Crests.
    Being a Bronx girl, even though I am in my 30's I know my doo-wop, but the real expert is my wife Melissa. Her family knew people like Earl Carrol (The Cadillacs), Johnny Maestro, and others, her mom had connections to the business.

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  5. In fact a few months ago saw a tribute to Johnny Maestro who had just died, by 6 or so groups in Red Bank NJ. Sad to see how many original members had been replaced. Still most groups retained the essence of NYC street sounds quite intact.

    And of course after the tribute, there was the bonus of finding some Jersey Pizza. (though you city-ites likely say NYC trumps Jersey for 'tomato pies' -- ON THIS YOU WOULD BE WRONG!)

    Melissa probably knows of a great source of reasonably priced cd re-issues of the era. Just picked up a 1972 Belmonts reprinted in 2008 called Cigars, Acappella, Candy.

    Quite good.

  6. California pizza? If you like melted cheese on bread. Little pizza sauce and generally no olive oil, horrible.
    When I was a kid my dad and mom played tons of doo-wop. My mom still has those records and will someday give them all to Melissa. Here you have rare original recordings by groups like the Ravens, Melallions, The Rob Roys, and tons of others known and vertually unknown. She also has a Jazz colection that I could retire on. By the way, I saw B.B. King earlier this year and at 80 something he still puts on a good show.
    I understand Johnny Maestro was singing right to the end and Melissa says that his story about getting a check of $17.50 for royalties on My Juanita, and not cashing it is true because many years ago, she saw it framed in his house.
    Ya think dis is a little off topic?
    And I will still take the pizza I had as a kid from many a hole in the wall pizza joint. As Norman Fox (of Rob Roys fame---Tell Me Why, said in his song Pixxa Pie, he had one request before he dies that no man in his right mind can deny. I'm taking a great big pizxa pie. Norman Fox was from the Bronx and not Joisey.

  7. Whyguys
    Need to correct an error. The Belmonts did not become part of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the Del Satins, who were Dion's backup group when he went solo. Thanks to Melissa, I was corrected.