Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As the Gynarchy advances to perfection, there has developed an increasing number of sissies who show strong signs of vagina envy.  This is extremely strong in those sissies who were born into the Gynarchial world.  All along the leaders and scientists of the world knew that this would be the likely outcome in a few generations of feminization and the elimination of any signs of masculinity, but even they were surprised by how quickly this came about.  Some actually believe that the basis for this is that males had always been jealous of females even in the patriarchy but buried this jealousy in their crimes against women.  Here we will show a few cases of this sissy trait which women consider a good one.
We will also look into some typical relationships plus some new products on the market.

First we look at the wonderful sissy trend of vagina envy.

In the educational system we see a brand new herstory book for sissy students that make them more comfortable in their femininity, sissies at women's schools and more sissies wanting to cheer for the women's teams.  Of course we also get a view of those who attended a sissy maid school.

In the world of business we have several new products and another new invention for speedy feminization, the pool of femininity.  A new video game where women can compete for points earned torturing an unfeminized sissy has become popular at local arcades and a home version is in the making.  Also a special product for sissy cleanliness and a Shrivel commercial that gives you a good view of the results.

Even though the economy is booming as never before there are still a small group of women who can run into problems with the expense involved in feminizing their sissy.  Prices for things like hormones and breat augmentation are very cheap today, a quality SRS and some new recently inventions can be more expensive that some women can afford.  Here the government makes available to every woman ever available means to feminizxe and emasculate their sissy within a very reasonable pricce.  The government has stepped in to keep its promise to help every woman in the world feminize her sissies by authorizing feminization grants in the form of a credit card that can only be used for this purpose.  In effect, it results in free feninization for all who can not afford to pay.

In a surprise a very popular suppliment that was only permitted to be sold to women to help them build up their muscular bodies, was used on a few test sissies.  Since the suppliment had been designed to work on only genetic female bodies, a college sciece class used their personal sissies as test subjects and found that the suppliment had a wonderfully different result on genetic sissies.  Ultranet eliminates any muscle mass on sissies, making them weaker and thiner than before. 

Another popular activity in competitive feminizing.  Here young women exibit their skills of how they feminized their sissy brothers or sissy friends against other young women for big prizes.

In the area of personal relationships, some sissies still need to be forced but more and more sissies are working as hard as they can to be as feminine as their female owner wants.  Besides others, we show here a sissy who has a loving mom who will introduce her to her future husband.  A poem writen about marriage today and a very popular way for a sissy to take her lunch.

I will end this segment with a photo of a lesbian couple that has a sissy maid showing their collection of toys they use for both their and their sissy's pleasure.

Next time we will show a few more family scenes and some other things but we will be quickly approaching the Gynarchy reaching its ultimate goal of a world of emasculated and feminized sissies belonging to tall, strong, dynamicly dominant women.


  1. I have Vagina Envy! I live with 2 older Sisters and a mother. Now, I want to become a Female now.