Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to the Gynarchial World of the Future

Women are advancing in politics, business and even in sports at a rate where in just a few years women will dominate the nation in all important aspects of society.  In those years women just steamrolled into dominating politics and business in the America's, Europe, Southern Africa and the Far East.  Societies in those places just took it for granted that men were not qualified as leaders at all and had been to blame for most of what was wrong in the world.
At the same time, interest in all male sports was disappearing quickly while young women and girls were extremely active in both sports and building their physical strength along with their mental ones.  Just as much of the world was turning into a peaceful matriarchy, there was a violent maculinist revolt within most female lead nations that was supported by financing and troops of those still antiquated male run nations.  The response of the female world was the devastating defeat of all the revolutionaries and those countries that supported them.  The Gynarchy was formed.  Once Female control of the world was firmly established, laws and science were devoted to the task of making any male revolt in the future absolutely impossible.  What began as supporting the feminization of males became so popular with the booming lesbian population of the new world, that they continuously supported politicians who eventually made it illegal for any male to be unfeminized.
This blog is dedicated to THE GYNARCHY


  1. This is a Wonderful World that you Envision. Gender Role Reversal and the Complete Feminization of men and boys would make an absolutely Wonderful Society!

  2. Patti, I think some of this was actually inspired by your old blog and I kind of knew you would like what happens with those women and sissies born in the Gynarchy. It will continue on, just not able to post as quickly as I did a month ago.

  3. fantastic blog! exciting, feminizing, different....

  4. schrivel wouldnt work for me ive only got 2 inches now glad im a sissy