Sunday, September 26, 2010


At school, at work, in the home and everywhere, the new world has more than just taken shape.  Besides communities that do not allow males, there are now large areas in the world where it is illegal for a sissy to not be feminized.  Punishment for this crime is automatic, castration followed by feminization.  Most feel that this is not really punishment as women are taking a sissy with no place in world society and eventually making her a supportive part.
New products are still being developed and we will feature a few of them here. 
Life at home has never been better.  Lesbian couples have willing sissy maids to do their biding and more and more women are taking a sissy as their completely feminized wife.
Enjoy of few of this scenes.

The Gynarchy has several different kinds of schools where sissies attend.  There are universities with sissy servants and subjects for feminization projects.  There are special sissy schools to prepare sissies to be maids, secretaries and even wives.  There are some schools that actually sell those sissies that are not spoken for to raise funds. 
Of course, all schools have sissy cheerleaders.  Most of these cheerleaders are the sissies of the atheletes.

At home we see more mothers preparing their sissy sons for their future, while other women are preparing their sissy in their relationship to become more feminine.

Often doctors who specialize in the new specialty of sissy gynocolgy, will make home visits to ensure that the sissy's is improving.

A quick view of the fate of unfeminized sissies.  Quickly their numbers are going down fast but the Gynarchy and the women in it will not rest till their are no adult males left in the world.

More new products and inventions are coming out all the time and their will be many more.  So far all of them mentioned here are developed to further the feminization of sissies but this time we will ad a new product for young women, Amazon Cookies.

Many women executives have their lesbian partner and a sissy maid at home and also have a sissy secretary at home.  There can be real competitiveness between secretaries and maids concerning who gets more attention from their mistress.

A quick look at sissies who work outside the home.  It should be understood that a sissy secretary is most often also a sissy maid at home.  She may live with her family or be owned by either a single woman or a lesbian couple.  And for those who had not guessed it yet, Hooters is alive and doing very well.

Some of the things happening everywhere.  Sissies helping their lesbian owners recruit new members for Club Lesbos.  A new thing has become neighborhood castration clubs.
Often the administering of feminizing drugs is administered by nurses who specialize in sissy gynocogogy, but often women choose that the sissy administer herself the last injection of certain permanent feminizing drugs.

Next we have a large group of publications.  Many are new magazines for women dedicated to improving their emasculation and feminizations skills and others are for the sissy and are often required reading.

Another fine publication given free to all young women by their schools produced by the Coalition for the Femization of men.

Some of you might thing that today in the Gynarchy, TV guide has really come of age.

Coming soon another segment of The Coming Gynarchy.  We will introduce you to the new product seen everywhere, the new purple pill for sissies and other new products.  The government of the Gynarchy has found that it can lean back with existing laws and every woman making sure that the total sissy population is feminized.  Behind the scenes the government is strongly supporting every company producing feminization products and also the educational system.

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  1. I just Love this Blog! As a person that has Advocated for Gender Role Reversal, it is so wonderful to see a Striong and Independent Woman actually have the same thought process in the Feminization of Males! Thank you!!