Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Huge Task--The Change for all members of society

The leaders of the Gynarchy knew that changing the minds and views of everyone in the world could not happen overnight.  Yes, they were forceful and even brutal at times but they knew if they succeeded, future generations of tall strong females and petitte feminine sissies would become completely normal as these future generations would know no other way.
Here are some scenes of our wonderful changing world

Symbols of nations and symbols of power needee changing.  Here are some of the iconic changes that were quickly made.

Also extremely important was the replacement or complete reversal of the old antiquated patriarchial religions.

Even the image of merry old Santa had to be changed.  You can not have an old, fat, bearded male giving gifts to children in a world where fat and bearded males do not exist.  The new Santa would be a woman, a woman who made sure that sports equipment was delivered to girls and sissy barbi dolls to the boys.

And what about hestory.  You can not glorify the women who are creating this world without recognizing the horrid world they destroyed.  Instead, they found proof that before there was ever a patriarchy, women ruled.

One thing the males had done that these women continued to do was to send messages into space looking for other inteligent life.  To their surprise, once the newest Voyager was launched, we were suddenly contacted by many different races from other worlds.  It was made clear by them that they did not contact earth earlier because of the backward patriarchial system it was under.  Now a gynarchy, these women not only contacted us but welcomed us and shared their advanced technologies.

Some of the most brutal changes came to the areas of the world that were instrumental in leadng the smashed revolt.  Special commandos and militia groups were put in charge of these areas and tasked with preparing the local women to dominate their future.

Sports are restricted to females only.  Professionally this was a natural progression since male pro sports had died a few years back because of the lack of both public support and good atheletes.  Female sports though were extremely popular.  The planting the mental image of strong dynamic woman and weak submissive male had been coming through extremely well

There is much more to society but here is a scene or two from the movies, workplace, scouting and even those locked away in a prison

All of this is being supported with mass subliminal messaging hitting male ears and senses over every type of media.  The messaging goal is to drive women more towards a lesbian lifestyle which glorifies itself in the complete feminization of all males, while at the same time it drives males to desire to be soft little feminine playmates for these women.

Next:  As society changes those within it also change and we take a look at the family life and other things in the emerging Gynarchy.


  1. What a great blog! With girls totally trouncing boys at every level of education, and becoming more involved in sports the current and coming cohorts of girls will be superior intellectually and even physically to the boys.
    The male gender has had a good run in convincing the world that they are the superior sex but have been proven in a relatively short period of time that they are the weaker sex.
    The female of the species is taking over and there is nothing males can do to stop it.

    The future is female.

  2. I Agree with Russell! Now that women and girls are not being Brainwashed by Male Dominayted Society, and realizing, as is evidenced in Wrestling where the weights rae the smae AND Girls are Defeating Boys more and more, Women and the Female Species is Indeed Superior to the Males, and the Females now need to Enforce their Superiority over the Males by now Brainwashing the Males to be Subsenviant and Totally Feminized "Eye-Candy" for the Women!

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