Monday, September 20, 2010


The leaders of the new gynarchy were smart enough to understand that the males of their world were improperly trained by the patriarchy.  Tricking them with things like subliminal messages or plain forcing them might sound brutal but these women were not concerned with the likes or dislikes of patriarchial males, they were only interested in forming a gynarchial society that would last forever.  Ownership of males became legal.
In schools, women needed to learn the skills necessary to run the world.  College was for women only as males had proved that they could not compete and any seat given to a male was just a waste of perfectly good space for a female student.  Males though were needed in colleges.  Women were required to take basic courses in emasculation and feminization and they were hands on courses.  Some students brought their own males, others took ones assigned to them by the school.  Furthermore lesbianism was in full bloom and many dorm mates had serious relationships, that combined with their heavy academic studies and most of them participating in sports, left these young women no time for such male tasks as cleaning and laundry, so each dorm room had its own male servant.
Other things like movies and magazines followed the trends. 
Every thing was actually being planned for the next generation and the sissies that would be born into the gynarchy.

This will be a segment, leading up to the next generation that will take several posts as much goes on, here are just a few scenes.

Life in the modern university

Besides ruling the government and the boardroom, many women worked very hard to remain beautiful but to build their bodies to the point where any sissy thinking of being masculine would quickly understand how silly that concept was

The genius of women brought about some brand new products and methods to further the feminization of sissies here are some, many more will follow in later posts.

As you can see from the above Femina Sex Change Clinic ad, all was not being forced.  Males who were transexual or transvestites welcomed to new order.  Other males who perhaps had hidden these needs because of a patriarchial society, soon embraced the changes.  Here are a few.

Of course there were those who would resist feminization and that was not a problem that women could not handle with relative ease

Coming soon will be much more of the same.  We will see many new inventions and companies dedicated to the emasculation and feminization of sissies.  The term man no longer exists.  There are two sexes, Female and sissy.  The term sissy will no longer be looked at as negative, it simply is the name of the subordinate gender.
There will be new extremely high paying professions, such as professional feminizers and castrix.  Women will be very competitive trying to feminize their sissy better than their friends sissy.


  1. What a wonderful world it would be if women were in charge and sissy males were accepted.

  2. Mandy, the difference in our Gynarchy is that sissies will not just be accepted but demanded by women.

  3. Where can I get Feminized, and Castrated at???