Monday, September 20, 2010


Every single aspect of society has been changed and continues to change.  Males deservingly have lost their rights to independence but with their new power, women  have been charged with not only running the world but changing it in ways never dreamed of years before. 
Here we show more samples of just what is happening.

Over the next several posts we will introduce you to many of the new types of companies which promote emasculation, feminization and complete female authority.  Here is just a little bit.

New types of businesses will bring about new types of professions and jobs.  Some of these jobs are so important that the pay scales are outstanding, but many women just love working in certain fields such as feminization and actually say they would do this for free.

Schools continue to prepare women for leadership and also have required courses that women must pass in emasculation and feminization.  Besides serving in female schools, there are many sissy schools that teach the sissy her proper role in life and to perform her tasks up to the standards of today's women.

Women continue to build their bodies while wanting a sissy with a nice trim but unmuscular body.  For many women it is simple, if I am a member of the superior sex, I will be superior in every possible way.  At the same time, the image of a perfect sissy is small, pettite, feminine and submissive.

Since the vast majority of women have embraced a lesbian lifestyle luckily for sissies, these women have found many ways to incorporate a sissy in their homes.

As more and more sissies became extremely feminine there appeared to be a small but growing group of women who found them extremely attractive.  Some say a relationship needs an alpha and a beta personality to really work and perhaps that was the case with some of these women.  A relationship with another powerful woman just was not exactly what they wanted, but a lesbian relationship with a submissive sissy just might be right.

A few looks at life at home and in the community.  Mothers hiring sissy sitters, scouts earning merit badges, women purchasing maids and women truely being the God of their domain.

Probably the place in the world where once women conquered it, they showed little mercey with the male population that had enslaved women for so long was the Middle East.  A large section has been renamed Araby and in Araby all males are now sissies and are sold at auction..

While in many other nations those sissies who have achieved the desired amount of femininity and still belong to their mothers, often (with mother's approval) can choose between sissy positions.

Finally for this segment, a new magazine for women who are still married to their sissy and want to bring out their feminity.  These are early copies using the word husband for the sissy, in a short period of time that word would be changed to wives.

In the upcoming posts there will be much more about our ever changing society.  More companies formed to feminize sissies, more inventions to accomplish this faster and better.  Keep checking back here for more information on The Coming Gynarchy.

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