Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As the Gynarchy solidifies itself and matures, we see more new inovations to feminize males and more new jobs in this expanding field.  While nearly all women consider themselves lesbians there is a growing trend for these women to have a lesbian relationship with a throughly feminized sissy.
Life in school and at home is designed to continue the progress already being made to bring about a perfect world for women.

Today we first take a look at some of the new businesses, changes to older types of business and new professions in the Gynarchy.

As you drive down the road, you just might pass a billboard for a feminization clinic

How about the new version of the adult toy store

Some of the new jobs for sissies and women.

A couple of new products

The changes both at home and school for young people keep changing.  Young women must learn everything about emasculating and feminizing sissies while at the same time studying things like advanced sciences and math.  Often also participating in very active sports teams also.  Young sissies must do everything to help women feminize them while learning everything necessary to please perhaps a lesbian couple, while serving them as their maid.  Also things like secretarial training have become popular because female executives want sissy secretaries.
Feminization clubs are formed by young women.  At meeting the women show off their sissies and awards are given to the owners of the most feminine.  At home, mother's, sisters and sissy members of the household all help young sissies become more feminine.

A little look at home

More school scenes

Why would a sissy go to a beach today by herself?  Because this is exactly what she wants to happen!

From the world of sports.  We even have a sport that sissies can participate in===Sissy cycling

Here we have a few relationship type photos.  Some people might wonder just what women want from their sissies.  It has started to appear that they want them fem and submissive, and perhaps even as acceptable lovers in their lesbian world.

Images of some of our strong women today

Even women involved in a lesbian relationship will want children.  Here we see a couple watching as a male is milked while they get excited waiting for the donation.

The magazine business, which had been suffering in the early internet age, has come alive with new tittles that are selling extremely well.  Most of these magazines are targeted towards sissies and the women who own them. 

Next time:  We will continue to see the changes in our new world.
We will witness more of the same, with new products, additional feminization and the continuing of the overall goals of the Gynarchy