Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As we move foward toward a perfect Gynarchy, more and more sissies are embracing both femininity and submissiveness and that is being enforced by more and more women embracing those sissies.
Feminization clinics have opened in even the smallest of cities and towns and new products are constantly being developed to improve and speed the process.  Males who are unfeminized are scorned and often forcibily feminized and there is still a large percentage of women who greatly enjoy humiliating sissies.
Recently the sporting world has opened up to sissies (sort of) and we will show you a few sporting events designed for sissies to participate in that either humiliate them or show the power and control of their superiors.

A few sissy sports??

Owners of sissies, mothers or whomever, are starting to realize that life in the Gynarchy is really not safe for a sissy unless she is feminized.  Often women who treat fully feminized sissies wonderfully can be brutal when it comes to a sissy that looks or acts in some antiquated male manner.

Much more important than these sissies who are the last remnants of past societies are the sissies who have either embraced femininity on their own or with the help of the women who control their lives.  Begging to be feminized, soon to be followed with begging for a complete sex change, loving and being loved by a dynamic woman, that is all more and more sissies live for.

Here are just a few of the new inventions and jobs and such in the Gynarchy.  The new industries of female power and sissy feminization, combined with the lack of war has created the greatest economy of all time.

People still watch TV and there is BatWoman, live auctions of sissies, and reality shows of sissies going through training.  Also popular are instructional videos and live castrations.

Baseball has come up with employment for sissies as each team has decided they want a couple of bat sissies who also double as locker room attendants.  Here is a photo of one of the Red Sox bat sissies

Here are just a few typical social, religious and family life scenes, basically normal everyday things throughout the Gynarchy.  First what a typical young woman and sissy might look like.

Now we have a text book in a required course that all young women are required to pass

Many of you have stated that you enjoy the new magazines produced in the Gynarchy, here are a few additional magazine covers.

For the next 5-6 days I will be too busy in the current world to further explore our future one, but next week we will continue to see further developments in the Gynarchial society.  More peace in the world, more new products, especially for sissies and just more of the steady transition of the world.