Saturday, September 18, 2010


Now women had gained total power and the leadership was changing society as quickly as they could but realized that nothing changes instantly.  Males from the old patriarchy had to be brain washed, tricked and even forced to become as feminine as possible.  One problem facing scientists was how do you convincingly feminize a male who went through an old fashioned puberty?  Some fantastic breakthroughs were made.  The media and the government bombarded public and subliminal messages, and the educational system was preparing all for the future.  There were minor problems but everything looked like the next generation would be perfect.
Male sports quickly died once invaded by superior women that quickly, we only had female sports

The last match between a male and a woman

Sometimes a woman's sissy would want attention while she is watching the Women's National Football League.

Even those women who might not be heavily involved with sports liked to perhaps play recreationally and loved to build their strength up.

The government was heavily promoting the emasculation of males and supporting the lesbian lifestyle.  With wars no longer draining the economy, the government began giving grants to companies that eliminated masculine employees (sissy secretaries were popular) and even gave grants to builders who would be male free housing.
At the same time, there came extreme popularity amongst younger women for castrated males and the complete ownership of males.

Some of what the government was doing.

Some of the effects of the new policies of the gnyarchy.

With the ownership of males, and feminization gaining steam, main street of small towns quickly followed the bigger cities and created modern day gynarachial businesses.

Of course, all forms of media followed suite. 

At school, boys and girls needed to prepare to take their proper places in society and school is one of the places that prepare them for life in the Gynarchy.

And of course personal relationships changed dramatically.

And hetrosexual sex

Everyday, the future was becoming very clearly understood.

A few scenes from new action movies

None of the followers of the blog would have bet that Playboy magazine was still in business, but it is.  The editorial is different and the new models are a combination of petitte little fem sissies and real hunky women.

And a sample of a new cartoon character

Some additional family and relationship scenes

We have a new type of school and a new type of cafe.

Finally, feminization becoming extremely popular and being driven by the government, women begin rounding up males to be feminized.

In future segments we will see where all this work and effort brings society.  A perfect gynarchial world.


  1. All I can say is, what a wonderful, perfect world!

  2. Sounds like my idea of heaven! I can't wait for a strong woman to totally feminise me!

  3. Ok i read the blog and all i can say is ok this is a little bit too much....
    ... why cant we all just live in peace i dont like looking women geting beat up and i dont like violence.
    In each on there are two wolfes inside our heart the one that feeds on love and the one that feeds on anger.
    who wins???
    the one that gets more food.
    Ok yes i am 20 year old male and i have a girlfriend and we live in peace we wouldnt have ourselves imprisoned or beat up and yes i never had a real fight before i like old music and i dont understand people that like techno or electric or house but i dont go and create a blog about iron maiden having killing spree killing only people that arent listening to their music....
    ... and i rly had some serious toughts about this blog....
    ...came up whit an idea that this blog can help every1 understand what john lenon fought for(PEACE).
    Women and men were meant to live thogether in peace yes this is fucked up world we live in and thats why we must try to make it better but with blogs like these you are only making it worse cuz some males rly cant stand violence like this and when it comes to realy life they just get messed up by thinking about such things and they make stupid things like getting their wifes beat up. so yes i dont rly see your point of trying to make this work.
    I think that women that are supporting this blog were either abused by a man or they didnt had a man before.
    Love is a great feeling and love is a feeling that shouldnt be locked away.Love will prevail in the end.....