Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More of the early days, business, home and politics

As Women consolidate their power, political leaders have plans to keep their power for untold generations.

Public opinion, especially among women, concerning the capabilities of men in leadership roles has become extremely clear.  The idea of a male leader has become completely inconcievable especially among young women and girls.

With business being dominated by women because of their education and leadership skills, the roles in most normal families have reversed.  At the same time, women seem to be driven to take over every single type of job that used to be considered men's work.
These same women expect their mates to assume the more traditional role of the submissive helpmate.  The househusband has become very common.

And in the office:  Some female executives, wanting to show just how powerful the new female leadership is, look to hire only sissy secretaries.  These women love having an emasculated male working for them, while the sissy not only can earn his living but can do it in the appropriate clothing.
When the female business executive or construction worker returns home, as the breadwinner and dominant force in the marriage, she expects to be greeted properly.

As every society changes, the arts are always a big part, generally highly supporting those changes.  Many of the new "hot" actresses are bodybuilders, female domination type movies have gone mainstream in this female dominated society, and art overall has changed.

A recent discovery of an ancient cave drawing that shows female domination is nothing new at all.

Since there are few if any young men able to get the grades and pass the tests needed to get into major universities, co-educational colleges are very quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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  1. I can't wait to watch the graduation ceremonies of the first all-female class! Just think, woman after woman getting handed a diploma, ready to completely overtake the business sector! Great job!