Sunday, September 26, 2010


Throughout the Gynarchy there are many women's organizations dedicated to the emasculation and feminization of all males.  The Coalition is an umbrella group the encompasses all of these groups.
Becoming a member of the Coalition is extremely important to all women.  Politics and the best jobs belong to members.  Sissies know that if the woman who owns them is a colation member, she must be extremely feminine but she will be taken well care of.
Here is just a bit of what the coalition does.

When the Gynarchy was just forming till this present day, the Coalition and it's Institute, have run important ads.

The Coalition has always been know to hire only the best of sissy trainers.  Usually they are women with amazingly strong bodies.  The thoughts behind this are completely obvious.  When a sissy with her thin weak body is being trained by a woman who has tremendous strength, any thoughts of masculinity by the sissy would be if not impossible, completely ridiculous.

The Coalition also has medical facilities designed to help sissies become as feminine as possible.  Working at one of these feminization institutes is considered by most employees as extremely fullfilling.

Free of any charge and available to women everywhere in any language, the Coalition publishes many books and manuels that help women of all ages feminize all the sissies in their lives.  Here is just a small sampling:

The Coalition will also help sissies with job placement, specializing in maid service.  Furthermore, for those sissies who are extremely feminine, the coalition has things like dating services and even can be the match maker for women looking for proper sissy wives.

A few other things:  Schools for sissies, jobs for women, and things for women to help them feminize their males further.

Finally, throughout the nation the largest chain of public clubs, is Club Lesbos, owned by the Coalition.  Here is a scene showing a business executive being served by the sissies working at one of those clubs.

Next will be explore more of the wonderful changes that are happening at every level of our society.  More and more emasculation and feminization of sissies and more consolidation of the absolute power of the Gynarchy as by this point every woman is an extreme supporter.


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