Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The revolt of the masculinist is crushed!

Seeing their loss of power, the old leaders of the patriarchy began an armed revolt thinking that the female leadership of much of the world would just wilt at the sight of male power.  Countries where women had been prevented from education and any kind of power in the past, mainly located in the Middle East, supported the rebels with money, arms and their national armies.
What the males did not expect was the devotion of all the female soldiers to their cause which combined with the advance weaponry created by the superior intellect of female inventors, resulted in a slaughter of the male armies.
As a result of the revolt, a new leadership came to power throughout the world that was dedicated to creating a world where male rebellion would become inconcievable.  A world of women united in the goal of emasculating and feminizing the total male population.  A world of women where lesbianism is considered the norm, where penetrative sex is only known to be accomplished through the use of a strapon, and a world where the term man no longer exists but has been replaced by sissy.

The crushing of the revolt
A Look at some of the formible female forces

Some of the troops and new weapons

Scientists creat a tank round that only effects macho males, a key weapon in destroying the masculinist revolt.

Some scenes of Women Soldiers in the field.  The battles all turned into routes.

The victory comes.  The enemy must now pay.  Male soldiers are castrated and sent for feminization in order that they rejoin the new society.  Leaders of the revolt are not shown the same mercy and are either put into camps or are executed.

And the end for the patriarchial leadership

Then the victorious troops came marching home

Coming Next:
The reorganization of the world.  Women emasculating and feminizing the total male population.  Government and businesses, dedicated to the concept of the Gynarchy.  Subliminal messaging creating volunteer feminization.  A new world that even most sissies come to love.  Next generation sissies, those born into the Gynarchy and much much more.


  1. It's high time men should assume their rightful place in society: the kitchen!
    Love yr blog, Miss Victoria, I'm following and looking forward to new posts. I have a few ideas for a humble contribution on my part if you would allow me the benefit of your contact email address.
    Thank you.
    Carla Gomes
    Volunteer Sissy

  2. I too would love to submit some ideas for your approval. It's nice to see more and more people are turning our world pink! You can reach me at