Monday, September 27, 2010


Shrivel, the new pink pill for sissies has hit the market and as expected it is a big hit with women who want to further feminize their sissies but surprisingly sissies themselves want it to please not only their mistress but because more and more, sissies want to be as fem as possible.
This addition will focus mainly on both the world of business and what is happening in the Gynarchial homes, but first a bit about Shrivel with much more to follow in the next post or two.

In other business developments we see feminization clinics doing television commercials highlighting past successful clients and things like doctors at work.  Among other things is a lotion for sissies that helps clean away masculinity and that windows still exists.

In the world of sports we see a leading baseball slugger and a new sport which should be short lived, the public whipping of unfeminized males.  We say, short lived, because it will not be long before there are no longer any feminized males.

In show business there is a hit broadway show about the fall of the patriarchy.

Next, we peek at things happening in the home.  Here things really vary from home to home as developments in a lesbian home might be quite different than those homes where the woman takes a sissy as her wife, and different than those where the woman takes a sissy as just her maid.
In some homes a sissy strives to improve her femininity and submissivness, in others things like trickery and subliminal messaging are still needed.  Home castration kits are still popular as is women having their sissy entertain their friends.

A couple of home castration scenes.

Women still want to look their absolute best and here we show a photo of a modern woman getting herself ready for a date with a sissy that has worked extremely hard to become very feminine so perhaps one day this woman will take her as her wife.

Here we show a few of the remaining unfeminized males belonging to a lesbian bar being used and a sissy being interviewed for a secretarial position.

Young sissies today are what I will refer to as second generational sissies.  They have no memory of a patriarchy or even the concept of masculinity.  They only understand the world they were born into and that as a sissy they must be submissive and feminine to please their female masters.
High on the wish list of most young sissies is an old doll with a new concept.  Popular with both young sissies and women are still Saturday cartoons, here is a current character.

We will end this segment with some publication covers.  A new comic, The Adventures of Femdomme, sells very well to both the female and sissy gender.

Next time we will see some of the effects of the new drug Shrivel, the pink pill, besides exploring other business developments.  Plenty more coming about life in the family also as the Gynarchy is quickly solidifying itself into something that will be impossible to overcome.

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