Monday, September 27, 2010


The term man or men no longer exists, male is virtually gone and more and more the only term used for the inferior gender is sissy.  It is no longer a negative term it is simply the correct term.  Womankind has replaced mankind and there is a strong push for the term Lesbian race to replace human race.  Interestingly enough, it is not the women who have relationships with only other women who use the term Lesbian race but the women who have lesbian sissies.

We also concentrate here on personal relationships.  What our women want and also how sissies more and more want the same thing.  Since last post did not give much information on developments in schools and among young people, we will start of this one with a glimpse of some more sissy cheerleaders, a school for volunteer sissies, and a bit about the Young Women's Feminization Society.

In the world of business we see some products from Sissico Labs and Natural Fem.  We also get a view of more of the effects of Shrivel, including an edorsement from a happy sissy.  Other new products are also featured but one scientific breakthough has the ability to make vast changes to world society overnight, a procedure that can completely feminize a sissy in just 24 hours!!!  More inventions are coming that can do the same thing in extremely short periods of time and the implications are becoming extremely obviousd---An all Female world any time women decide it is time.

And now the promised bit of additional information about Shrivel

Now we take a look at feminization of sissies at home.  Mothers, sisters and owners of sissies are all heavily involved with making their sissies as feminine as they can.  Again, every home is somewhat different.  Some sissies are tricked, some forced and some are extremely willing.

Some more on home life.  Sissies thinking about their upcoming marriage, home feminization kits, sissy shoping, muscle worship and other similar things.

Another scene from a sissy school

Anothe one of Santa's little helpers

The Young Women's Feminization Society

Finally, a couple of the popular new publications

Next:  We will move closer and closer to perfecting our new world.  Science is busy working of modifying sissy DNA and are hopeful that someday in the near future sissy sperm will create what scientists call, natural sissies.  A natural sissy will produce useable sperm at a very young age but will naturally go through a feminine adolecence without the need for hormones other than those her body will produce.  Only one procedure would be needed to complete her perfectly.  Understand this has not been developed yet but the DNA procedures are very close.  The genius of woman is at work!

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