Tuesday, September 14, 2010

With girls dominating schools and more and more women becoming the breadwinner, women began growing up with an understanding that they were superior to their male counterparts

The worldwide, male created mess proved to women that the existing political parties were just tools of the world destroying patriarchy, and these women began to form their own, female only political parties.  Many of their males helped them in supportive roles which set the trend for future male roles in society.  Some of the below photos help show the formation of the original matriarchial government.

Public opinion was very strongly infavor of female control and within personal relations it appeared that men were becoming less and less important to women.

And at universities, the women know it is their time to rule and some of the thoughts that are going through their minds

Women who were atheletic were getting a real kick picking a guy who was smaller and weaker than they were.  They already knew they would be the major wage earner having a much better education and being able to physically dominate their male at the same time make them feel doubly superior

At the same time in the homes of the leaders and inner circle of the matriarchy, the women already cemented plans for the roles of the sexes in the future.


  1. the ginarchy is a wanderful philosophy and i hope become real as soon as.
    i wanna live in a ginarchist world.

  2. Love it! If there is anything I can do to speed up the process, let me know! prism7912@yahoo.com

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